Saturday, 26 March 2016

Hypaspists done

The final nail in my macedonian army ... all other parts are for successors and later. I had been using thureophoroi as stand in hypaspists but now i have the real deal.

Miniatures are forged in battle. I lean toward the spear armed view of this unit simply due to its varied uses on the battlefield ... although i can envisage they could change weapons as the need arose. I must say that in the 400 pt sword and spear army that i run, i can't afford them as actual hypaspists but run them as hoplites. I use them as a connection between my phalanx and my cavalry usually which is a specialised role well suited to the hypaspist.

 The final figures of my pike army is on the bench and i can see an end in sight. I   have already painted around 20 units with 6 to go ... two of them lights, one medium and 3 heavies left.

 Incidentally these hypaspists may well be used as imitation legionaries in Mithridates army as they have spear and javelin ... but the round shield may not be accurate ... but then again we aren't too sure about the details of imitation legionaries so who can say.

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