Tuesday, 9 August 2016

IHMN Pirate Game

The scenario entitled "The Sea is a Fickle Mistress" progressed thusly ...

Captain Buxom sailed betwixt the isles blasted her cannons left and right. Her aim was to kill the denizens of the isles for guineas and silence the shore cannon that threatened their ship. 

Serge Pissoir led the French Marines across one of the many bridges into the fray. 

Soon one of the Slaving Bastards was attacked by an enormous slithering adversary. 

In another part of the isles, The Son of Kong charged furiously at the British Light infantry detachment. He hurled a crate over their heads in a terrifying display of power. 

The ship commanded by Captain Buxom sailed slowly forward trying to position for a shot that would kill the might Kong.  

And then ... terror struck Captain Buxom's ship. The "Son of Kraken" lurched onto the ship from the deeps with tentacles flailing. 

Pirates leaping from the doomed vessel were surrounded and slaughtered by hungry sharks. 

Across the island the mighty ape charged the British light infantry forcing their troops back and pounding their second in command (Mr. Boner) into strawberry jam. 

The Slavers, led by Al-Hurun the Arabic super-hero, charged across the grand plank/walkway. He tried to hold up the pirate advance single handed. He was sorely mistaken as his bloodied corpse fell from the bridge. 

Massive combat ensued across the centre of the table. The son of kraken molested the ship while slavers and pirates battled for control of the walkway. 

More combat atop the walkway. Arab slavers versus pirates. Grenades were hurled by Filthy Abdullah the slaver captain with glee and great effect.

Enraged at the death of the little kraken, the real kraken raised its tentacles from the deep to inflict terrible vengeance. 

Kraken tentacles swatted anyone atop the walkway. 

Despite the ridiculous risks, Captain Buxon survived shark attack, squid attack and tentacled fury before she climbed back onto her vessel the "Golden Skank."

Chaos ensued as the Kraken wreaked havoc. Death came for all companies. However, most of the animals had also been slain, their pelts and rare parts would be traded for precious guineas. 

From sea level - all the action was more terrifying. 

Sharks devoured any isolated swimmers. 

The ship, the "Golden Skank", was finally surrounded by the kraken's tentacles and smashed into pieces. Many pirates and Frenchmen who had fought to commandeer the ship were drowned or crushed in the aftermath. 

Captain Buxom's pirates, fleeing from the kraken, swam directly into the British light infantry's fire. 

The British did not have all things their own way as they were sniped by the last of Pirate Mick's company. 

In the end the creatures of the deep had had a profound effect but two companies had covered themselves in glory and guineas. The British light Infantry, under Captain Botham, and the slavers under Filthy Abdullah, had killed the most creatures - at respectively - 30 and 31 guineas apiece. Both would return to the world with tales of incredulity, profit and terror. 

Saturday, 6 August 2016

IHMN return of the pirates

What to call this chapter of piratical adventure gaming?

Don't turn your back on the sea?

The return of one-eyed Mick?

Scrabble for Dubloons?

All have a meaning in the context of the game but none quite fit.

This Tuesday will be a 4-6 player In Her Majesties Name event. Players from French Marine, two Pirate, one British and perhaps a cannibal force will fight it out for cash and revenge. All men and creatures on the table will be given a cash value with the player surviving with highest prize total will win. But beware as one player will get to control the creatures of these uncharted islands - including sharks, snakes, crocodiles, a giant ape and the dreaded scourge of the deeps the 'Son of Kraken.'

But a secret fate awaits all if their greed and bloodlust is too great as a force as elemental as nature itself will awaken to protect these islands with unrestrained malice.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Sharp II North of Richmond ACW

My cunning plan was thus .... use my 15mm 3 fig per base ACW figures to play Sharp Practice II using each base to represent a single miniature in the eyes of the rules. 

I started by setting out each army as per the 1861 basic lists in the rules. So far so good as it looked like a good sized force each. Plenty of table space left too. 

The Rebs. Their plan was to close to fisticuffs as soon as possible on the right. Their other forces would hold on the left using a formation protected by a skirmish line. 

The Union would rush to secure the high ground in the centre of the table then blow anything away with fire. They also intended to use a skirmish line formation. 

The main objective of the battle was the crossroads. Or you could just shoot everyone not in your colour?

The union commander urged his men up the slope promising an easy victory if this position was maintained. 

The rebs started slower, moving cautiously into the thick woods they hoped would offer some protection against the superior enemy numbers in this section of the field.

Contact would take a little longer in other places as both sides were tardy and sluggish. 

With four flag cards the union leader urged his main battle line to move again securing the strong point. 

The Rebels closed and fired first. A disappointing result as only 2 deaths and 3 shock was inflicted. 

The union left approached the walled orchard eager to make use of the protection offered. The rebels here were again slow. 

Then the main union line fired. Skirmishers and 3 groups presented and fired. Carnage ensued. 7 dead and 5 shock. A lethal hail of lead was poured into the woods sheltering the confederates. 

An additional reb unit was ordered across to try and even up the firefight in the middle. The stole a round of fire just before the tiffin with absolutely no result. The second turn ended with the rebs having loaded and presented but the big union line not. A good volley might even the odds but another round of poor shooting may well spell the end from the boys from Richmond. 

But then momentum shifted to the other side of the field ... 

The Union line fired through the sparse trees of the orchard. The fire was withering. It was controlled and their first fire. Men and blossoms from the apple trees fell from the fire. God seemed to be with the Union today. 

The results of the volley - in total 4 dead and 6 shock. If the cards had fallen the other way the rebel yell would hve echoed through the orchard.