Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Even More Terrain

For those of you that have played a IHMN game at Throbbington Manor , or have seen some of my Egypt styled posts before, then nothing may appear new.

 But wait just a moment! Added to this table is quite a bit. I have been silently building the caps or tops for my desert hills, some mesa-like columns of rock and two extended bridge pieces. I wanted to have arching walkways stretching across the table (but not so high that your figures topple off and break.) I wanted to have daring escapades where characters run across these divides under a hail of bullets while deadly hand-to-hand takes place beneath.

 With these I decided, after the idea came bubbling up from the section of my mind that houses memories of "Raiders of the Lost Ark", to have a bit of a set up (I'm not playing games atm due to caring for my newly arrived daughter) and take an image or two to see if it all worked like it did in my head. (I do indeed like a set up of wargaming figures and terrain ... esp new pieces I have finished and - I believe - this helps me think of new ideas and enables me to see how the pieces can be used.)

 And the following was created ... an archaeological dig site in the middle of Egypt ready to lure the curious and greedy alike into the parched sands - which may be hiding some malevolent ancient power ... I'm quivering with the adjectival eruptions already.

First shot ... vanilla. I'd try and point out the hill caps ... but they have blended in very well that it would be a long boring description. 

With my mediocre photography skills and camera, I tried for vanilla and a bit of a lower angle. 

Trying to show those overhead walkways ... each is around 3 inches from the tabletop. Should be enough room for miniatures and some of my chubby fingers. 

Hey, I forgot the trees. Palms now present ... more images! Hey, there's a cap in the centre foreground - the third layer of the hill with a nobbly boulder atop it. 

The main section of the temple and the longest of the bridge or walkway sections ... around 2 feet. 

And now with some miniatures ... the diabolical Professor Abir and members of the Ancient Nubian order dedicated to preparing for the return of the Pharaoh. 

The greedy members of Abdullah's Slaving Bastards have arrived to pillage the tombs of their ancestors. These men care nothing for morality and fear the whips of their master more than the threat of eldritch curses. They are making their way across the longest of the walkway sections. The walkway is support by the rock columns I made recently. 

The confrontation between fanatic and base villain ... By the way, some of my favourite Slaving Bastards are present here (Al-Hurun - the Arabic super-hero, Fat Fakir, Farook and Jabar.) All my colonial miniatures sport name tags and I, and others, love the narrative additions and opportunities this delivers to gameplay. I have watched players chase around meaningless characters in game terms just because it is the same person that shot "so-and-so" last time.) 

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