Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Frustrated Gamer ... Diddles about

I'm not really frustrated, I just can't play at the moment. After the birth of my first child, Ella, last Friday, I'm currently out of the gaming circuit.

So what does a non-playing wargaming addict do? He diddles about with himself, to wit ... setting up figures, gazing longing at them, taking photographs, painting when able and making some more terrain. I'll post about my new adventure gaming terrain soon but this one is about the images of my Macedonian army. This is the latest army to the Throbbington gaming stables and one of my favourites. The basing has only just been completed (two weeks ago approx.)

 It must be first said ... I do not take a good photo.

Above, in the slightly blurred image, is Polydamus and Onomastus, my two elephants. I simply love how these two brutes turned out. Forged in Battle. 

The light troops are very photogenic. Xyston miniatures. For only lights they make a dazzling impression (at least to my eyes) on the battlefield. 

The engine room of the Macedonian army ... the pikemen. I'm going to name each unit. The massed effect is something I have become enamored with. I went to four ranks deep rather than 3. I might the right decision. Back to Forged in Battle ... my favourites. 

Xyston hoplites. I must say that I had a devil of a time painting these and I'm not 100% certain of the outcome. From this distance they look every bit the stolid defenders of Hellas ... and I show them confidence on the table which they have invariably repaid holding the left flank of the phalanx. 

Alexander himself, bedecked in royal purple ... I envisage from the later stages of his Asian campaign. Behind him is the temple to ... I haven't decided. Apollo is the all purpose god, but then again it may be a sanctuary which favours more than one. 

Commander of the left flank, Kraterus. I imagine him as the bulwark of my force, often asked to hold against great odds. Almost like a Parmenio ... with the treachery issues. 

The daring and noble hero of the right - Ptolemy. He has never failed in battle and his men always rise to the challenge when his bright blue cloak is seen flapping behind his galloping horse. 

Down the battle line, didn't really work this photo. I have 19 units complete. All based and prepared for use with Sword and Spear rules as my gaming group simply loves them. I do like them but would be happy to try the Arte de Guerre - just to suck and see. 

Well, there it is ... a Macedonian, Successor and soon to be Mithridatic army almost done. I believe I have around 6-7 units to paint and the entire project will be complete with an enormous choice of units enabling the recreation of phalanx style armies from their inception to the end of their use. 

As I final note I would like to put on record that I have NO interest whatsoever in using this force as a gammy and cheesy Seleucid or Bactrian army - these feature so heavily in ancients wargames it makes me want to puke! (The scythed chariots will only be used by Mithridates.) I like armies that are not filled with elite troops to the detriment of rank + file who did the bulk of the fighting in history but can be 'chosen' around when army lists allow too many restricted choices. 

The army above will belong to Phillip, Alexander, Ptolemy, Cassander, Kraterus, Demetrius, Antigonus, Lysimachus, Eumenes, Mithridates and possibly even Pyrrhus. 

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