Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Maurice 15mm Wargame

Maurice ... Prussia vs France ... Proto's vs Catholics ... Hohenzollern vs Bourbon ... What a match up!
The game began when the Prussians sacrificed to the gods of victory. (Shot a Spanish notable in French service in a duel.)

Prussia elected to attack. The French held their cavalry and elite units as a reserve. The Prussians organised 11 units of infantry in a massive right hook.

Their initial plan was to pin the enemy infantry then ride cavalry through the forest (using their notable's ability) flanking the French. This plan never came about.

The main battle occurred on the centre right for the Prussians where 5 infantry units of Prussians (initially tasked with just pinning the French infantry) pressed their musketry advantage. The French were only able to funnel 3 units at a time to meet this threat and although their shooting was initially fearsome the Prussian Deadly Volleys and numbers eventually won out. Over the course of the battle the French would lose 6 units here to the Prussian 1.

The flanking force of 5/6 other Prussian infantry units were held back by ... you guessed it ... That's not of the Map. I'm beginning to hate that card and it saw disruptions inflicted upon the Prussians that would have seen them at a significant disadvantage against the French elite. This French reserve had been committed to stop the flank attack. In reality no firing or combat occurred here and the French elites were not able to aid their increasingly pressured centre.

Cavalry played little role until late in the battle. The French committed their force behind their wavering infantry line with the desire of charging through their front line utilising their notables's special ability. The Prussians cavalry were brought up from the rear to counter this move.

But by now the loss of the main infantry line left 6 French units facing 14 Prussian. Flanks would soon be turned and the game was called. The French morale rolls were low throughout but both Mick and I agreed a clear advantage had been established by the Prussians that could not be overcome.

In reality it was stolid work from the Prussian infantry in the centre that won the day by doggedly firing volley after volley at every opportunity. The tactic involved my rallying more than I would have liked. This was not a flashy battle but it was enjoyable. I didn't execute my plan but rather reacted to local advantages as each arose. The unseen terrain on the flank had a huge impact on tactics. There were many small events that effected the battle but this gives a basic overview.