Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Maurice wargame 15mm SYW

Text to follow ... late at night now ... For now you are looking at our first real attempt at multi player Maurice. Two generals a side but just one deck of cards. Went well although the more we play the more we want to modify the morale rules.

Friday, 5 May 2017

A Gratuitous Post

I just felt the urge to pick up the camera ... fiddle about with my Frenchmen thus far and ... this is the result. I am pretty pleased but am increasingly imagining what the finished product will look like.

Forward! Your Emperor commands you!

CGM Napoleonic Miniatures

This weeks offering is my 6 pdr (or lbs) Horse Artillery Battery. 

At the moment it is without varnish. I can't get to my varnish today as my courtyard is being tiled (at last) and my garage is in constant use by the tiler. No problem ... I'm very happy tiles are going down. 

But all that aside the main point of this post - apart from marking another small increment in my French Napoleonic force - is to say how much I like CGM miniatures. These French Horse artillery miniatures were a real pleasure to paint and have been superbly crafted. No flash and excellent detail. Scale is right too. Easy to paint such miniatures. Well done to Dermot and his team over in sunny Spain. 

One last snap of my cavalry core. It only awaits the arrival of my next CGM order. This contains my last heavy cavalry unit - another cuirassier. I agonised over this final choice as I want my late french army to be representative of the troops that were being used in 1813 and 1814. I know dragoons were far outnumbering cuirassiers (they always did) and cavalry horses were getting scarce. But after much searching I found that the Heavy Cavalry division of √Čtienne Tardif de Pommeroux de Bordesoulle (what a name!) was still fighting in 1814 - eg: at Champaubert - so I can justify the choice in my mind. But it did cause some angst.