Friday, 1 April 2016

The Growth of the Diadochi

Below is one of the better images of my scythed chariots but one of the worst of my new javelinmen from Cappadocia, Phrygia or Pontus. 

I do love my new Macedonian army ... and I really want to document it in images, but I have realised that it just doesn't look too good in photo's. Well it does, but it doesn't. I just notice the blemishes and the failures of my ability to paint when I look at it. After all, we are deluged with the most beautiful wargaming images these days. I sometimes feel the average gamer is somewhat "priced out of the market" - so to speak - by these lovely images in comparison to what an everyday guy can do with a paintbrush between balancing work, kids and whatever else. 

A pretty good photo of my attacking right arm of my army ... the companions.

The Hypaspists ... as yet untested on the field of honour (read "honour" as fortuna or tyche.)

Onomastus and Polydamus below ... I really like how I painted the elephants themselves ... unsure on tower, drivers or crew. Functional ... best describes my painting. 

The battle line with the temple/camp in the rear. Units stretch into the distance ... 21 I think?!

The engine room .... a good image of my phalanx. I must admit this image below makes the army look damn good, and shows that I can actually paint.

From the other direction ... the phalanx. For anyone who is prevaricating or considering painting pike - 4 ranks is the undoubted best for portraying this type of unit.  

There we go, an anguished gripe and a new blog all at once ... although only one new unit appeared and they don't look very good in the image (the asiatic javelinmen.) 

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