Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Esoteric Extravaganza Backstory Episode 1

In co-operation with IHMN and Throbbington Productions ... an epic tale of action, adventure and duplicity ... filled with daring heroes and swarthy villains ... the greatest Empire on Earth will be imperiled ... and coming soon to a wargaming table near you ... "The Sultan of Baksheesh." 
After the death of her beloved, Albert, Queen Victoria gifted to her capital a profound fascination with the occult. Over the years this fascination has grown to become a melancholy mania as the masters of the world seek answers about the challenges which await in another world where their technological mastery and ingenuity appear to mean nothing. 
In conjunction with the upcoming Empire Day grand parade in London, the organisers have added an ambitious addition to celebrations ... "The Esoteric Extravaganza!" 
The Extravaganza will summon from the furthest flung parts of the Empire every mullah, swami, brahmin, guru, monk, prophet, mystic, medium, psychic, shaman, witchdoctor, rabbi and alchemist of note to this conference on the otherworldly. 
No doubt the influential, fashionable and wealthy from around the world will be drawn to this event including even crown heads of Europe and beyond. And, to be certain, the London constabulary will have its litigious and watchful eye strained to capacity as the Extravaganza will be sure to attract other elements energetically applying arts of chicanery and charlatanry to dupe the unwary. 
The event will also be sure to draw in agents and companies versed with the "Great Game" seeking some advantage for their nations and masters or to protect them from potential persuasion and perversion. 
The much vaunted 'star' of the "Esoteric Extravaganza" will be none other than the 'Sultan of Baksheesh' the noted mystic from the sands of Arabia. His unparalleled prestidigitation will be sought by the high and mighty. Even his mere arrival thrilled the eager and heady crowd lining the Thames docks. This photograph from 'The Times' (Friday 13th July, 1891) reveals the Sultan resplendent with his entourage of prefects of the paranormal.

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