Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Mud and Blood in Africa

Looking for larger more historical and unit based games than IHMN was providing I wax led to "In the mud and blood" by the Lardies. I already was very pleased with their Dux Britanniarum and ACW rules and had recently had pleasant experiences as my good friends had begun playing Chain of Command. Thereforce it was a large step to play Mud and Blood. I used the core rules and modified the troop types and some weapon stars to give the game i wanted. Minor changes are still to be made but yhe system works very well. I additionally added a special event card with a D66 table inspired by muskets and tomahawks but all original and African themed ideas.

Just two snaps of the first game. The wagon contained theobjective that was secured by the German marines. This was completed to ensure a draw as the cannibals had previously torched the outpost of the Europeans.  
 Hang on ... have i posted these picys before?

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