Friday, 17 July 2015

Mud and Blood 28mm African Colonial Report

Continuing with Mud and the Blood ... 28mm Africa approx 1880's.
 This game was firmly set on including my new scratch built steam boat. The scenario involved a semi fortified port at the mouth of the M'Bopo river and the ability to either storm or relieve this site. The forces of Tippu Tib attempted to storm down the length of the table while the Europeans attempted to arrive before this could occur.

The African and Arab forces struggled to make good progress down from the rocky hills and over the redoubt that guarded the approaches to the port town.

 In conclusion the German colonial forces reached the town by forcing the steam boat forward at full pace while raining rifle fire down upon the advancing African units. 

In this game we suspended my special events table and became completely assured that each turn only ended once a second snifter card had been drawn. The core mud and blood rules are very good undoubtedly. I will instill a rule that native African troops will move through terrain at a lesser reductiont to other troops. I would play this game again with less European troops and a delay to the steam boat to allow a real struggle over the port fort to add a sense of real suspense to the game.
 Finally the forces of Tippu Tib were unable to make significant advances upon the town but neither did they take significant losses. They are sure to lurk into the rocky hills to inhabit strong points were they will sell their lives dearly before being driven away from sources of slaves and gun trading routes. 

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  1. Please note all my colonial miniatures have been given a name tag. Some authentic while others .... such a Ebola, Azim the Lech, O'Connell and Leprosi ... are clearly inspired by an immature wit, some historical knowledge or popular African styled adventure fiction.