Wednesday, 15 July 2015

IHMN Egyptian Adventure Wargaming 28mm

These are currently the only pictures i have of my Egyptian ruins. This wasn't from a game but instead from a 30 sec movie i made to raise interest in African and Egyptian adventure gaming. It didn't take much before gamers were lining up to play. Needless to say i just love mixing my two passions of archaeology and wargaming ... a little colonial, Lovecraft and Indiana Jones.

Speaking of my favourite things below is Al-Hurun. I refer to him as the 'Arabic Superhero' simply because of his phenomenal combat record on the table. The image shows him in a bad situation ... but Al-Hurun has faced far worse odds before. 

Why not? One of my scratch built village. I made this from cardboard and foam-card ... very cheap. Removeable roofs. Buildings lift off bases for separate use. Has been under-utilised as yet. 

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