Thursday, 9 July 2015

"In Her Majesties Name Goes Piratical" Wargame

Just to prove what a great set of skirmish rules Osprey's IHMN really is we took it (for the second time) into the 18th century and the world of pirates.  

 This game followed from our previous where a lone pirate, known as One-eyed Mick, made off with the treasure. This time several companies followed Mick as he returned to the island with a new crew. Little did anyone know that the indigenous tribe, the Cayman tribe led by a distant relative of our old pal Big Chief B'Donga, had moved the treasure and only needed a boat to make fools out of all the Europeans by stealing it. This however was not to be as the Cayman people were annihilated. Mick too was struck down and his crew killed. Only the two main folonial powers remained in any force - the British and French. The only pirates to survive lost their leader (Captain Buxom) but sailed off in their ship before either imperialist company could hang them. As all natives died knowledge of the actual where-abouts of the treasure also died vanished. Another game is certain.
 This game once again showed the versatility of IHMN especially in a game with five players. Many rule systems struggle under the weight of that type of player and respective army point increase. We modify things slightly by making muskets reload for one turn. We also added aggressive cayman who probably were the top killers of the evening - notably claiming Chief B'Donga early. Different objectives or misions were also secretly distributed - both minor and major objectives (no one secured their major objective.) Active imaginations also help as each player was eager to feed into the saga of One-eyed Mick. Even at the end of the game talk focussed on how he could have survived to return to the island. It was good to see the rise of two more legends - one ,Colonel Rochambeau, was already infamous for dying without a whimper and he did not disappoint further a new star, Serge Pissoit, proved indomitable as the French second in command. In the next game he may well be promoted.

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