Tuesday, 5 January 2016

ACW in 15mm

Well about a week ago ... maybe more (I am on hols and you forget this sort of thing) ... I managed to talk two friends into a game of American Civil War using the Too Fat Lardies rules "They Couldn't Hit an Elephant from Here." As I have long discovered when introducing people to new rules its best to use a watered down version - omitting rules to concentrate on the basics of moving, shooting, combat and limited command issues. These rules are (like others titles by this company) very good at concentrating on and replicating difficult command decisions that confronted commanders in battle. I have stated before, as I shall state again now, that I really like a set of rules with this focus (perhaps why I also like Sam Mustafa's rules.) The Lardies rules can be a little hard to read and find rules in the midst of battle when you need it most ... but they are solid rules (may next post may contradict this slightly.)
 In any case ... the action ...

The Rebs in their deployment ... marching on with a strong right flank. 

The weaker Reb flank is menaced by the galant Union troops from the top of a hill and from inside a cornfield (I always lack confident about how I represented the corn-fields ... I was going for the rows of crops and easy figure movement ... I wanted to avoid "floating" figures who stand above the wheat when no sections of the matting is removed.) These Rebs were to be peppered with shot all evening and this division was all but "blown away." 

The centre of the field ... fierce battle breaks out among the fences and fields. The Union relied on their firepower while the Rebs tried desperately to drive an attack home. 

Another view of the centre of the field from a different angle. The church in the centre of Hugoville can be seen in the distance ... as the can amassed brigades of Rebs in the foreground. From this angle the Union line looks slim. 

It may have been slim but those little blue buggers put out a lot of fire. Throughout the evening it was the cannon placement by the Union that really won the day. Their artillery wreaked horrible destruction on the advancing men in gray and butternut. 

Insert Rebel Yell here please. 

The Union fire upon the outnumbered Rebel left flank. Hundreds of brave died here especially to the heavy battery that raked the Confederate ranks continually. 

Despite a 5 to 1 casualty ratio by the Union the objective for the evening was not to be theirs. The Confederates eventually drove in three assaults which all went in their favour. Multiple brigades of Union soldiers streamed to their rear as evening fell leaving Hugoville in the hands of their enemy. However, the fearless soldiers in gray were forced to pull back come morning as their commanders assessed their losses and were truly horrified. Without reinforcement, their army had ceased to be an operational threat. 

In final wash-up ... great game ... love the rules ... when can I play more? And should I buy that cavalry that I have prevaricated about so much and for so long?

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