Saturday, 20 June 2015

An initial Ashdown

The Viking Age ... Dux Bellorum ...
 Although not strictly for the Viking age (ending in 793 AD which coincides with the landings at Lindisfarne) I have found these rules function rather well for this small expansion into the period. Detailed in these images are an initial attempt at the famous Anglo-Saxon victory at the Battle of Ashdown 871 AD. Since this image my tally of Dark age warriors has grown but these show a sound representation of the battle - minus the standing stone megaliths which are a constant fixture of our games and serve to enhance our imaginative experience of this distant time period and place.
 The men of Wessex followed the path laid out by history and surged forward up the imposing slope. They crashed into the Vikings driving them back with heavy loss much to the chagrin of the Jarl who had thought his position unassailable.
 As I have already said we have found the rules to work well in portraying the command difficulties of the period. Despite this more colour, in the form of unit and national characteristics and a more fluid game in regard to movement, would be preferred by myself and my opponents. Thus, my quest to find a truly acceptable (for me) set of Dark Age rules continues.
 Expect posts soon which detail my forays into Dux Britanniarum and Sword and Spear to find the ultimate rules which will suit my imaginative conception of this period.All figures shown in these pictures are part of the magnificent range of plastic miniatures available for this period. A minority are Wargames Factory Bondi while the majority are Gripping Beast - Saxons and Vikings - which I have found to be a much better quality in regard to detail and easy of painting due to the higher relief of sculpted detail which benefits easy of painting.

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