Sunday, 21 June 2015

In Her Majesties Name goes to Africa

Above are two scenario's for In Her Majesties Name that have been mixed up a little. This second grouping of three images predate the first game. For this set of rules I have been drawn into Africa between 1870-1890 as it is a rich and fertile imaginative setting as well as being an entralling era to study historically. The first image shows one of our favourite scenarios - Kong Hunt. Here several groups of adventurers or scoundrels converge on a central mountain known to be the lair of the mighty Kong. Using a variety of methods they drive Kong from his jungle hiding place and he subsequently climbs the highest peak around challenging all about him to combat. Then the shooting starts ... Kong is enraged by the shooting and charges at the last person to shoot at him thundering over all in his path causing mayhem and death. Kong takes quite a few rifle shots - as you can well imagine - before dying. In our first run of this game, Kong ran over the same person 4 times before finally coming to rest on the corpse of 'Azim the Lech.' All my colonial miniatures bear a small name tag on the rear of their base. Not all are politically correct - but we make fun of everyone without care including ourselves.
 The next 3 images originate from when I decided to combine my desert hills with my sea tables constructed for WWI battleships and Dystopian wars. The result was pure magic. With the addition of bridges and walkways constructed of match sticks and kebab skewers the result was a highly imaginative version of Africa very much in the context of a 'Lost World.' Jungle segments made from a variety of combined fish tank plastic plants made everything complete. Since the day these terrain elements were designed this has become our favourite setting for IHMN games. The images focus on the adventuring company led by Brendan Fraser. His company consists of many brave Askari and one or two officers - often Belgian - but of a non-descript background really. While Brendan certainly provides the group with a sharp melee edge the majority of his company is rather poor in quality but they do possess breech loading rifles and the quality of quantity. Brendan has become a favoured target of other players to 'bag' as soon as possible. As such he has developed a reputation for being either an easy beat or a character that can charge into the heart of the enemy and lay all low with only his trusty left hook and blazing revolver.
 I should also add in the final image the German Imperial Navy Landing Party can just be seen emerging from the scrub. This is led by the blue jacketed Baron Kilmer. Just to his right is his 'right hand man' Ober. Finck. A battle can be seen in the background beginning on the bridge as the crossing of Sarge. De Beer in being contested by Ulf - one of the German marines.
 I should additionally add the images are showing a very early game and the name tags are clearly not completed on many of the Askari models. This will clearly be corrected in the next images. 

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