Sunday, 21 June 2015

More In Her Majesties Name

The above images show another variant of an In Her Majesties Name game in the Dark continent. This one was held deep in the jungle that had overgrown a group of ancient ruins. Their remains bear similarities to other cultures around the world including the ruins on Easter Island and in South America suggesting a great maritime culture in a distant past. I mainly posted these hurriedly to show that my colonial troops do indeed have name tags attached to the back. In the final image you can just make our the yellow turbaned 'Fast Fakir' and the (now infamous) blue robed 'Azim the Lech' still smarting from his intimate encounter with the mighty Kong. Azim still maintains the beast was quite gentle in comparison to his usual partners. Here the company of 'Abdullah's Slaving Bastards' are contesting the crossing over a crocodile infested waterway trying to be forced by the cannibal company of King B'donga. Unfortunately this day many of the bastards ended up in the pot. Even 'Al-Hurun' - the Arabic super-hero and ultimate swordsman - could not prevent the crossing of the cannibals this day - he can just be seen at the end of the bridge brandishing his buckler and scimitar. (As a side note 'Al-Hurun' is perhaps the most deadly of all the colonial characters in our games thus far ... perhaps only equaled by the unreasoning brutality of the dreaded 'King B'donga' - scourge of the entire Congo.

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