Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Esoteric Extravaganza Part III the Game

Well it has taken a long time to happen and it was great ... very enjoyable with everyone experiencing success and suspense which is at the heart of the excellent "In Her Majesties Name" wargame rules.

Here are some highlights ...

The western end of the table with the remains of the Slaver force from the village attacking outside to drive the colonial forces back. Things were not going well as they engaged troops on their left and right. They engaged in hand to hand as soon as they could but losses were already suffered. 

On the Slaver left Yalla and Kibonge charged through a date palm grove to be attacked before they could deface the local Christian missionary's house. Even the servile slave girls rose to attack them. 

On the right Tippi Tib attacked but was surrounded. He whirled his cutlass about but the odds were too great. The last of his henchmen is attacked by one of the leaders of the local Askari forces, O'Connell. He would prove to be worth ten men in the conflict. 

The forces of O'Connell set a charge which explodes destroying the goat milk still of the local Mussalmans. One less aphrodisiac for Abdullah's father. 

The cult of Akhenaten were busy chanting spells to summons the priests of Ancient Egypt. They lacked much success as these abominations had little effect on the battle. 

Kibonge wielded his mighty spear about him granting death to those that stood before him. However, his wish to defile the door of the Reverend Hardwig would not be accomplished as he was swamped by loyal Askari as the Reverend watched from atop his domicile. 

O'Connell is shown ready to give two pistols and a right cross to the jaw of the slaver - Tippu Tib. No-one can escape that kind of justice. 

The cultists burst forth from the tomb area. Professor Abir launches flames bolts in the name of Re while his followers prepare to dash the brains from any Belgian troops. 

Lacoste, sodomite leader of the Belgians, engages the fearsome leader of the local cannibals, B'Donga. The fight would not last long as the European found himself in the pot. 

The British Captain Savage blasted his way through Arabs and tribesmen alike with no discernment as to who was friend or foe. About him in the village lay the victims of his powerful revolver. 

In almost the final act, O'Connell engages with a local terror ... the giant serpent. Blasting away his courage is undaunted by this terrific foe. 

While his courage was great, his skill was not sufficient to claim another beast. Venom pierced his body and he was dragged to the creatures lair. 

In short, many died today. However, their sacrifice was not in vain as they prevented the birth of Filthy Abudullah. This prevented the Esoteric Extravaganza to occur in the first place and the horrific events which followed. London and the British Empire were restored as well as civilisation and order to the world. Hurrah!

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