Monday, 11 July 2016

Esoteric Extravaganza Part 3 the Table

Just a couple of snaps before the game tomorrow evening ... currently six companies are on the table plus a very large snake and a pervert guarding some very comely goats. What could possibly go wrong?

The whole table.

The village where the slavers reside. Balucchi guard the rooftops. 

Whipping along the goods while goat guardsmen, Azim the Lech, leers on.

Hidden in the scrub ... the cultists. These dastardly bounders are the mysterious cause of the recent nocturnal muders. 

The field of ganja and its caretaker Cujo the witch. 

Captain Lacoste, the Belgian gentleman and notorious sodomite. 

The rather aggressive locals who have a taste for their neighbours. 

O'Connell ready to lead his lads through spears and gunfire. 

All set up and ready to go ... 
To recap the good guys must ... burn the ganja, kidnap the prettiest goat, stop the abuse of the local missionary and blow up the fermented goat milk still. 

The bad guys ... kill the good guys. The fate of the entire British Empire is in the balance. 

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