Thursday, 1 October 2015

Maurice wargaming SYW in 15mm

Just a very quick post on this occasion ... today we played Sam Mustafa's excellent rules Maurice once more. It was my bold Austrians up against Mick's flamboyant French. I easily out-scouted the French, due to the use of Grenzer irregular infantry (which hadn't been used before), and chose to attack.

The five French batteries gave me pause so i surmised my best plan was a huge ouflanking assault that quickly got me out of his firing arc. Nine infantry units and three cavalry encroahed on the French line.

It was at this point that i neglected to take further photographs. We were too engrossed in the game. In any case the French, despite having all their cavalry blasted away by musketry, put up a valiant defence.

They were hampered by poor shooting and eventually were flanked at the other end of their line by grenzer infantry and elite cuirassiers who destroyed two units winning the game. Again, the attacker was victorious in our games of Maurice - but having said that the defender has often struggled with some poor rolls (just as my general - Colloredo - suffered from the gout in this battle but won out despite the discomfort.) I really love the Maurice game and the cards that add such features as 'the gout' and a huge reason for this.

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