Monday, 28 September 2015

Lion Rampant complete!

I usually find some enjoyment in painting most projects but i found this one to be a constant struggle ... and i don't know why. The Fireforge miniatures are excellent - i bought one box each of cavalry and infantry - and the period provides plenty of scope for freedom in what you are painting. I think i just hit a lull - some health problems did not help.

 In any case my much anticipated Lion Rampant force is complete. I wanted it to be a universal western european style force but i always had my eye on the Baltic or Northern crusades. Probably this stemmed from so many other quality Lion Rampant blogs on this same topic but also due to reading "The Northern Crusades" by Christiansen which revealed to me the scope of this era and it being such a fertile ground for the wargamer. Added to this my collection of over 160 Dark age figures make excellent Baltic pagan stand-ins.

In any case, here they are. Above are my knights. The chap in the white cloak brandishing a mace is my leader. The green/black/white colours emblazoned with the white stag or jumping deer formed the basis of my troops. I wanted a force that represented a main knight on crusade supported by his sons, close family, allies, dependants and footsoldiers in either his service or pay. 

Next are my ... what's the word ... uummm ... other but lesser knights. Just in mail and conical helms. These brave and ambitious men are looking to make a reputation and fortune so have attached themselves to a great man. 

These are the foot retinue of my leader (really needs a name.) Crossbowmen and spear armed yeomen drawn from his troops serving at his castle. These bear the green/black heraldry and the emblem of the white stag or the leaping deer of the leader's eldest son. 

Above stand the foot retinue of the leader's brother-in-law who has accompanied him to the East. Resplendent in red/yellow colours and bearing the lion these men will courageously follow their lord into the dark, heathen-filled forests of the Baltic. 

Finally, some mercenary crossbowmen to round things off. 

There it is, 24 points of Lion Rampant troops. We've played one small game thus far but were so busy talking about Maurice (as we have currently all lost our minds on 18th century wars) we didn't pay too much attention. I liked the simplicity of the system with lots of scenario's and boasts to keep such a skirmish game varied and interested. Look forward to doing it again, this time with the full retinue. 

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