Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The French Army Grows

My French Napoleonic army has been steadily growing. It is a very steady growth - feeling almost glacial at times - but I have done an awful lot of miniatures already. I'm at about the halfway mark and are still enjoying the painting a great deal. This project has enabled me to bring one of my first wargaming loves to life - a Napoleonic army. 

The latest additions are a unit of Marie-Louises - or conscript infantry in greatcoats from around 1814. I have added figures in greatcoats to my foot regiments before but never an entire unit attired in such garb. I am very pleased with the result. 

(Side note: I have labelled this regiment the 56th Line. I do not really know if these were made up heavily of conscripts. As they were heavily involved in the fighting throughout 1813 and 1814 they could have been. By 1814 and La Rotherie the unit appears to be reduced to a single battalion - suggesting heavy battlefield losses. Possible desertion due to the Allied invasion/liberation of their homeland - this regiment was raised from recruits from Belgium - also seems a likely reason this unit may have been filled with new conscripts.) 

The other addition being my second cavalry unit - the 3rd Cuirassier. This unit soaked up MANY hours of painting and I was initially unsure of the result but after basing and varnish I'm very happy. As I plan not to collect any imperial guard cavalry (atm) my cuirassiers will be the armoured fist of my force. I hope they reward the care I took when painting them ... I know they will. 

Next I'll be painting more artillery - horse and heavy batteries - and Napoleon with ADC's. The next order has been sent off to Dermot at CGM and I await it's arrival. With my enthusiasm high it cannot arrive soon enough. 

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