Saturday, 6 August 2016

IHMN return of the pirates

What to call this chapter of piratical adventure gaming?

Don't turn your back on the sea?

The return of one-eyed Mick?

Scrabble for Dubloons?

All have a meaning in the context of the game but none quite fit.

This Tuesday will be a 4-6 player In Her Majesties Name event. Players from French Marine, two Pirate, one British and perhaps a cannibal force will fight it out for cash and revenge. All men and creatures on the table will be given a cash value with the player surviving with highest prize total will win. But beware as one player will get to control the creatures of these uncharted islands - including sharks, snakes, crocodiles, a giant ape and the dreaded scourge of the deeps the 'Son of Kraken.'

But a secret fate awaits all if their greed and bloodlust is too great as a force as elemental as nature itself will awaken to protect these islands with unrestrained malice.

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